Our journalism class is hastily working to put together our new paper, with students frantically deciding what is good and not good to be Graphic_Newspaperpresented to FMHS. We have a deadline set, “Next Tuesday” Says Torrie Korf. All the hoofbeat students are coming up with creative ideas, some used from paper to paper, but some ideas are fresh. Also to see some articles that may feature in the paper check out the hoofbeats blogs!  When the paper is printed, check it out! :]

Holiday Check!


Thanksgiving is right around  the corner, with many people who have alot of fun plans. As Wikipedia says:  Thanksgiving is a harvest festival, a great time to express thanks towards untitledeverything you’re thankful for.  The frist Thanksgiving celebrated occured at Plymouth Plantation in 1621.  The celebration became a very important myth in the 1800’s.  images


“Spent time with my family, and hung out with my boyfriend and his family too!” – Morgen Shoemaker

“Cooked everything!” – Tori Moon


Sick Again? :(

          “Winter also tends to bring out the kind of bad habits–from overindulging at parties to letting exercise routines slide–that make the body more susceptible to infection.”- Time Magazine

         Illness is a very big factor this winter season, with the weather getting colder many students are getting sick. When there are so many students sick its hard not to get infected. TIME magazine says: “Winter also tends to bring out the kind of bad habits–from overindulging at parties to letting exercise tissuesroutines slide–that make the body more susceptible to infection.”  The cold weather doesn’t affect if we get sick or not, during the colder weather we tend to stay inside more, also meaning were around more people and their germs more often than usual. Washing your hands will mostly only keep the germs from spreading, but their are still many ways you can get sick. germ-x-moisturizing-hand-sanitizer

           In the winter many people may just get a common cold, really no big deal. Although some people get infected with whats called Swine Flue or H1N1 flu, the flu originated from the endemic of pigs. There are many different symptoms from the common cold to the H1N1 flu.  Both sicknesses can be spread very easily, so if your sick stay away from people who may be sick. Also if you are not sick, stay away from people who may have the obvious sights of being sick: runny nose, cough etc.

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Is Respect A Issue?

“Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves.” – U.Thant

       Our school is made up of many different races, and everyone is different. Cliques are a situation here at FMHS. Sports bunch up, and teenagers begin hanging out mostly with kids from the sport they participate in. Different sports may gain up on different sports, not trying to be mean on purpose of course.  Students may think they are just being funny, but respect is a issue here at our school.  From race to race or sport to sport people are noticing that respect is an issue here. 2346751-3-peace-and-love

            We already have enough respect issues from school to school, like from Brush to Fort Morgan, we don’t respect problems inside our school. It just makes ours school and our town look bad. Respect issues are something that everyone and every school has, but why do we need to be like every school? Schools should consist of unity, a school should be like one big team, all working together. Instead of a bunch of teams all working in different directions. Respect is something FMHS needs to work on, we all need to learn to get along.






To Learn More About Respect, Visit This Site.

Is It Finally Over?

         Our Mustang Football had their last home game Saturday October 31, 2009, which they lost 12-21 against the Roosevelt Rough Riders  This game is pretty much ending our 3A season. There were many disappointed fans as the game came to an end. 

” I  think our boys tried really hard, I wish all their hard work this season would have paid off”

– Cassy Chapman

They did alright, but I definitly think they could have done better” mustangsroosevelt

-Heather Coup

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow :)

A snowflake is one of God's most fragile creations      Many students were hoping for a snow day, and everyone got their wish! With Thursday and Friday being snow days many students got to just hang out and relax! Some reported that the Fort Morgan area got 6 – 7″ in this storm, the roads were very slick, with many people ending up in the ditch from spinning outta control…                           

                                                                                                                                                             How Snow Is Made..                                            


Got Any Plans For The Snow Day?

“Go Sledding!”

– Morgen M.

“Sleep In”

-Macy S.

“Just Hang Out”

– Morgen M.

“Drink Hot Chocolate”                      

-Macy S.



Celebrity Review!

images Miley Cyrus         

I don’t like her”       

– Rebecca S.  

“Eh I’ve Seen Better”     

   -Brooke W.

 Name of Birth: Destiny Hope Cyrus 

 Current Legal Name: Miley Ray Cyrus     

Date of Birth: November 23rd 1992   

 Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennesse



Channing  Tatum   images

“Hes Hot”

-Rebecca S.


-Brooke W.

Birthday: March 26,1980

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Birthplace: Cullman, Alabama, USA

Birth name: Channing Bryan Isaac Tatum Anderson


Holiday Check!


The holiday of Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31,2006. There are many different traditions that have originated from this holiday.  The colors that usually symbolize halloween are black and orange. Halloween has many different facts & symbols an all of which have there own meaning for resembling to this holiday.   

                      2 untitled

         “Go Trick Or Treating” 


“Hang Out With Family” 

“Hand Out Candy”     

Chick Flick Picks!

Film Roll

               Teenage girls base a lot of things that we do on the movies that we watch. We believe that if we see it in a movie, well then it must be okay! Although we all know that its probably not the best thing to do, thats how the media has taught us to react to movies. The point of a movie is to take you away from this world and put you in the world of the movie, a fantasy you might call it.            

  I asked 10 girls what their favorite movie was and this is what they said