Younger Perspective.

        When adults are collecting opinions on anything who would they trust more, a 16 year old child or a 11 year old child? Most likely the 16year old child, people soon start forgetting that childrens opinions do matter and most of the time they do know what their talking about. So, for my article I decided on seeing what younger kids think of towards the subject of lunch.”

“too small porportions”

        Different schools do lunch different ways, especially in different age groups. So I decided to interview kids from Fort Morgan Middle School, who will soon be in the High School to experience their way of lunch. The girls I interviewed we’re in 7th grade. Many of them had negative comments on the way their school ran lunch. One of the most heard comments was “they don’t give you enough.” Porportions are smaller that what a normal meal would be, and kids are noticing that. “They freeze it and heat it up, so they aren’t actually cooking it.” If kids don’t enjoy lunch they won’t eat it, plain and simple, lunch during a day of school is very important. They have been working all day and they need food to be able to make through the rest of the day, energy wise. 

      At the middle school if you forget your lunch card you have to sit at the “non-eaters table.” Middle school students feel that this table “singles kids out.” The point of doing this is so the kids who do pay for their lunch don’t paperspend their money on their friends who happen to forget their card. Isabelle Garver says: “If friends want to spend money on them, let them, its their money.”  

     So that is what Middle School students feel on their way of lunch. Many of them push more to the negative side then the positive side. Although when you get to high school, you recieve more choices on what you want to eat. If you don’t like what their eating, you can eat at the “Ala Cart” which many student would prefer using instead of regular lunch.

Madness on Madrona Drive.

       I’m sure many community members are just itching for the school play to come around this year. Fort Morgan High School Plays are always really spectacular and fun to watch. Madness on Madrona Drive sounds like an excellent play to pay a visit to this year. Many high school students are taking part in the play, and many are really enjoying it. In the play hit men take over this house owned by an eccentric lady and her maid. Sounds like an interesting play, community members are always excited for this time of year to come around and so are the students. “This play seems like a funny play!” says Sami Walter. Community members and students come and support the school play!

Kaiser’s English Project.

images        In a year span, English classes have many projects to encounter on, I have picked one to write about from Mr. Kaisers English Class.  It is a very long and very tricky project, from the looks  of it it seems like it would involve much participation.

First of all, you pick a book you want to read, the book has to be at least 200 pages long. This project involves 4 parts: interactive reading log, numbered activites, letter activites and a presentation.  To present your project you need a powerpoint slide show which should be 10-15 slides.  Some examples when you’re presenting would be: listing the title, author and genre and describing the plot of your book. images

      After each chapter you need to write a brief summary of significant events. Also, you need to interact with the text, each response should be at least a paragraph long, and you can’t be wrong.

        Mr. Kaiser put together a list of numbered and lettered activites which from the list you need to pick 3 to do. Some examples of the numbered activites are: tell your thoughts and feelings about something that happened in your reading, quote a phrase or text from the reading that impressed you. Some examples from the lettered activities are: discuss an important symbol in one of your stories, write a news article covering the events in your story.

Mr Kaiser posted the whole assignment on his blog, this assignment does look pretty tricky and looks like a lot of work, but i’m sure it makes students look at the books they will read after this project and make them look into the depths of their books more.

Would You Rather?

0065360935791_150X150         I’m sure many students have heard of this game, its a card game that poses questions on if you would rather do this or something totally picklesdifferent. Usually their questions are so hard because both of them are crazy! I asked 10 people around the school, Would You Rather..

Take a Bath in Mustard.. Or.. Take a Shower in Pickle Juice



I got my pictures from Google Images.

Technology.. In School?

       There are many teachers that when it comes to using technology in class is totally against it. On the other hand, there are a few teachers would would like to use technology in class, they feel it gets the students more involved because our generation is based on technology.  Many students like using technology in the classroom, its better than using old textbooks and just reading for 53 minutes. smartboard4

       Smart boards are a form of technology, they allow you to project the computer screen onto a white board and be able to use the board as a computer, but so the whole class can see. There are many neat features, including stop watches, calculators, protractor all built into the smart board. Also everyone in the class can see what the teacher is doing, you can type from the computer and have it be projected or use a smart board marker and write on the board itself. Along with the smart boards come something called “clickers” allowing the teacher to pose a question on the board, giving every student a “clicker” and letting them post their answer. As soon as their answer is locked it, it will appear on the board for everyone to see, knowing if they got the right or wrong answer.

         Not very often in a school day do you hear “Students pull out your cell phones”, but with this type of technology its required. The teacher TB7MCAINBGBWCA82Q7J1CAHL0E5UCAYIIXCGCADUQH2LCAJME835CALG8325CAIRBKA3CA78YE44CA0VYHPOCAY48VG9CA1MMBWMCAMVUNJ8CAY5Y7H5CACOT35LCAON9ZT1CA53RV2XCA4E4NJBCAHL4U0Ican post a poll or question on the board, with the teacher giving you a number to text you text in your answer. Your answer will soon appear on the board in front of you as long as all your classmates. Its a fun way to get polls answered or a way to do an live blogging.

      So as some teachers like to steer away from the technology in classrooms, thats what our generation has come down to. More students will become more involved if the teachers learn to use stuff more from our era.


I got my pictures from Google Images.

Holiday Review!


                  When the month of February gets here, everyone knows that with the month of February comes along Valentines Day. Since we were little school would take a day to throw a party for this holiday, making children create Valentines Day cards to give to every student in the class. Also creating your own Valentine box to accept the cards from the students. intertwined-heart-locket-valentines-day

                   When we were young the holiday was just a fun day to get out of school or to be creative, now that we’re older we understand that Valentines Day is meant to cherish and show how much your loved ones really mean to you.  Its a tradition to buy the people in your life different kinds of many gifts. Examples of gifts would be: flowers, candy, box chocolates, teddy bears, and more. Not many people know the history of Valentines Day, but this website has a good idea of what the creation might be.

 If you have a significant other in mind, check out your love compatibilty to see if your meant to be :] ♥



Mini Spirit Starssss :]

Mini Spirit Stars.

Before The Performance:

Every year the FMHS Dance team organizes an event great for children. This year we have had to pleasure of including our FMHS Cheerleaders as well.  The spirit squads works on putting dance together suitable for the ages included.  We break the ages up so they can dance at the level they are at, we have Kindergarten, 1-2 graders, 3-4 graders and 5-6 graders. The spirit squad then breaks up our team to our own groups, where we as a group make up the choreography for our group.


                After the choreography is done, we partake in teaching it to the children. With 3 practices scheduled they will learn what they need to learn. They begin off with a cheer, and finish with a dance. This is a great activity to get children and teenagers together. The children make bonds with the girls they never forget.  As soon as the dance & cheer are learned its time to perform it to the community.  We choose a basketball game, which this year happens to be on Saturday January 9,2010.


After The Performance:

            The performance was a huge success, many community members and high school students attended the Fort Morgan/Brush game.

My Team ♥

      Dance team is a sport at FMHS, with our coach Lisa Padgett our team has come a long way.  In the summer we attend an NDA dance camp which usually consists of 3 or 4 days at UNC. We were tought little dances and had to perform them in front of the whole camp. We got graded on how well we perform. They also hand out ribbons on how we act while learning the dances. We take some of the dances, and bring them back here to perform them either at football, basketball, or wrestling events. Camp is a great way to start out the season, it teaches us many new things on how to perform and its also is a lot of fun for meeting new people and just getting away for a few days. Although its a lot of hard work it pays off in the end! summer

In the month of December our dance team participates at our state held at the Colliseum in Denver. Many teams from all over Colorado come to perform in their division(we are 4a).  Throughout the month of November we practice every day of the week, putting in a lot of hours to practice our dance. This year our dance was to “oldie” songs such as: Great Balls Of Fire, Shake Rattle And Roll, Shake That Booty, and Rockin’ Robin.  We spent the whole day of Saturday December 5th at the Colliseum. We’ve recieved 9th place the last two years we have participated at state. Our dance team has come a long way since Lisa Padgett has taken over the dance team.. Thanks Lisa! We Love You! ♥

Members Of Our Team:

Cassy Chapman Senior
Malorie Winberg Senior
Samantha Walter Senior
Melissa Fernandez Junior
Alyssa Fitzimmons Junior
Alex Hogan Junior
Morgan Mellen Junior
Traci Schaefer Junior
Chelsi Anderson Sophomore
Kendra Chapman Sophomore
Katrina Funderhide Sophomore
Amanda Rios Sophomore
Megan Snider Freshman
Caitlin Frick Freshman
Megan Frick Freshman
Sara Lockhart Freshman

Tools For Tangible Change

365_mark_blue_arm      Between the days December 3-6 4 students attended the Leadership Conference at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.  Tj Schneider, Traci Shafer, Eric Lee, And Amanda Rios were chosen from FMHS.  The conference was held by CASB (Colorado Association of School Boards). While up there we all learned many valuable things from that we could bring back and apply to our school.

    There were many different key points they went over, but one of them were the problems in our school and what we could do to change them. From the schools all over Colorado there were many good ideasimages brought to the table. Another conversation topic was how to make the upcoming freshman acquainted with the school system. What ideas could our school use to not make them feel inferior against the seniors and making them feel more welcome. 

Overall the conference was a fun time and I learned a lot of important information that can make me a better leader, and also help on working how to get this school in the perfect shape that we want it in. 

 Mark Scharenbroich was a speaker at the conference, he was a very good speaker. He had teenage kids laugh by 9:00, which we all know is hard for teenage kids. He told many stories on how to be a leader and how people need a compliment everyday to boost their spirits. “Nice Bike” was words he used to explain a compliment, everyone needs at least one compliment a day. “Opening Doors” was another, which was related by how you need to be a leader and not always follow the crowd.

Overall, the conference was very uplifting and tought me many new thought and ideas on how to change the school and how to be a better leader. 

Spanish Class Activity :)

     Ever bored at home and have no idea what to do? Well I have an idea for you, you can make a paper mache! Its fun and easy and you barely DSCF6119need anything to create it. There are many different ways to make a pinata and many different ways to create one, its a great way to have some fun and get very creative.  Mrs. Segelke’s classes were all participating in the beginning of the pinata process on 12/9/09. With every student engaged on the contest to see who can make the most creative one. Mrs Segelke will then have other teachers come and grade the most creative one, the winner will recieve 25 points extra credit! So be creative : )   

   Ingrediants: Flour, Water, Newspaper (or any scrap paper) You mix the flour and the water together until you have a creamy andDSCF6120  smooth liquid. You then dip the newspaper into the liquid, making sure the whole piecei s covered, then apply to a balloon (of any shape you wish). Make sure you cover the whole balloon, then leave over night to dry. Then the next day you come back to the balloon and pop the balloon inside the paper mache. You can then decorate your design however you  please.