Technology.. In School?

       There are many teachers that when it comes to using technology in class is totally against it. On the other hand, there are a few teachers would would like to use technology in class, they feel it gets the students more involved because our generation is based on technology.  Many students like using technology in the classroom, its better than using old textbooks and just reading for 53 minutes. smartboard4

       Smart boards are a form of technology, they allow you to project the computer screen onto a white board and be able to use the board as a computer, but so the whole class can see. There are many neat features, including stop watches, calculators, protractor all built into the smart board. Also everyone in the class can see what the teacher is doing, you can type from the computer and have it be projected or use a smart board marker and write on the board itself. Along with the smart boards come something called “clickers” allowing the teacher to pose a question on the board, giving every student a “clicker” and letting them post their answer. As soon as their answer is locked it, it will appear on the board for everyone to see, knowing if they got the right or wrong answer.

         Not very often in a school day do you hear “Students pull out your cell phones”, but with this type of technology its required. The teacher TB7MCAINBGBWCA82Q7J1CAHL0E5UCAYIIXCGCADUQH2LCAJME835CALG8325CAIRBKA3CA78YE44CA0VYHPOCAY48VG9CA1MMBWMCAMVUNJ8CAY5Y7H5CACOT35LCAON9ZT1CA53RV2XCA4E4NJBCAHL4U0Ican post a poll or question on the board, with the teacher giving you a number to text you text in your answer. Your answer will soon appear on the board in front of you as long as all your classmates. Its a fun way to get polls answered or a way to do an live blogging.

      So as some teachers like to steer away from the technology in classrooms, thats what our generation has come down to. More students will become more involved if the teachers learn to use stuff more from our era.


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