Tools For Tangible Change

365_mark_blue_arm      Between the days December 3-6 4 students attended the Leadership Conference at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.  Tj Schneider, Traci Shafer, Eric Lee, And Amanda Rios were chosen from FMHS.  The conference was held by CASB (Colorado Association of School Boards). While up there we all learned many valuable things from that we could bring back and apply to our school.

    There were many different key points they went over, but one of them were the problems in our school and what we could do to change them. From the schools all over Colorado there were many good ideasimages brought to the table. Another conversation topic was how to make the upcoming freshman acquainted with the school system. What ideas could our school use to not make them feel inferior against the seniors and making them feel more welcome. 

Overall the conference was a fun time and I learned a lot of important information that can make me a better leader, and also help on working how to get this school in the perfect shape that we want it in. 

 Mark Scharenbroich was a speaker at the conference, he was a very good speaker. He had teenage kids laugh by 9:00, which we all know is hard for teenage kids. He told many stories on how to be a leader and how people need a compliment everyday to boost their spirits. “Nice Bike” was words he used to explain a compliment, everyone needs at least one compliment a day. “Opening Doors” was another, which was related by how you need to be a leader and not always follow the crowd.

Overall, the conference was very uplifting and tought me many new thought and ideas on how to change the school and how to be a better leader. 

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