Spanish Class Activity :)

     Ever bored at home and have no idea what to do? Well I have an idea for you, you can make a paper mache! Its fun and easy and you barely DSCF6119need anything to create it. There are many different ways to make a pinata and many different ways to create one, its a great way to have some fun and get very creative.  Mrs. Segelke’s classes were all participating in the beginning of the pinata process on 12/9/09. With every student engaged on the contest to see who can make the most creative one. Mrs Segelke will then have other teachers come and grade the most creative one, the winner will recieve 25 points extra credit! So be creative : )   

   Ingrediants: Flour, Water, Newspaper (or any scrap paper) You mix the flour and the water together until you have a creamy andDSCF6120  smooth liquid. You then dip the newspaper into the liquid, making sure the whole piecei s covered, then apply to a balloon (of any shape you wish). Make sure you cover the whole balloon, then leave over night to dry. Then the next day you come back to the balloon and pop the balloon inside the paper mache. You can then decorate your design however you  please.

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